FreedomFest Features Trump, Guess David Duke Was Busy 

Gathering beclowns the Movement —  “Speaking to a gathering of Libertarians in Las Vegas before headlining an event in Phoenix, Trump repeated his charge that Mexico was sending violent offenders to the U.S. to harm Americans and that U.S. officials were being “dumb” in dealing with immigrants in the country illegally.”These people wreak havoc on…

Improving the view


“Individual liberty and limited government now light up Times Square.  All summer long, Cato’s commitment to stopping the government from overspending, overregulation, policing the world, and invading our privacy will be shining down to passersby from a jumbo screen.  To those visiting Cato’s site for the first time:  Welcome!  We hope you’ll take an opportunity to learn more about our work on the subjects you’ve seen on our screen, along with the wide range of other current, new, and emerging issues Cato scholars are exploring every day….”

Via Cato in Times Square @ Cato Institute.

Could someone explain to Ted Rall that there are no libertarians in Los Angeles or Afghanistan political positions?

“Literally every year, the city’s debased political class promises to fix potholes forever if voters only approve this one last tax increase. Meanwhile, city monies are routinely squandered on everything but. L.A.’s own controller said as recently as last year that money is not the problem with street repair…. ” Via Lousy Cartoonist Blames ‘libertarian…

Rigged Game

“Most Americans have no idea that the official-sounding and acting Commission on Presidential Debates is, in reality, a private organization created by the Republican and Democrat Parties and funded by special interests whose goal is to protect the status quo,” the Libertarian Party says in its mission statement. “Thus, it is no surprise that the…

Snowden @ Cato Surveillance Summit

This inaugural Cato Institute Surveillance Conference will explore these questions, guided by a diverse array of experts: top journalists and privacy advocates; lawyers and technologists; intelligence officials … and those who’ve been targets of surveillance. Most notably is Edward Snowden, a former NSA Contractor and renowned whistleblower who leaked classified information from the National Security…

Why Liberty? Freedom Abroad

Today, thousands of Venezuelans are protesting Nicolás Maduro government. Juan Carlos recalls his experience in Caracas, Venezuela witnessing the struggle for freedom and liberty. Juan Carlos Hidalgo is a Policy Analyst on Latin America at the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity at the Cato Institute. Via Cato Institute Video.

Why Liberty? Freedom to Give

The welfare state is created with good intention; to help those that need assistance most. However the welfare state cannot provide nearly what philanthropy makes possible. Jo Kwong provides explanation on how the best way to help others is to give individuals independence from the state. Via Cato Institute Video.

Why Liberty? Given Rights

Lessons on the importance of human liberty are seen throughout our lives and our history. Reverend Robert Sirico recalls the first time he understood the dignity of freedom and human liberty. Rev. Robert Sirico is the president and co-founder of the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty. Via Cato Institute Video.

Why Liberty? Freedom of Speech

Having the ability to freely exchange ideas creates better governing and better communities. Catherine Sevcenko describes her time working overseas in Budapest and Moscow and understanding the importance of First Amendment rights. Catherine Sevcenko works for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Via Cato Institute Video.

Why Liberty? The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs strive to give the best services to their customers. Jill Erber is a proud entrepreneur staffing 80 individuals from all backgrounds and experience levels at her restaurant Via Cato Institute Video.

Immigration: How Libertarians and the Tea Party Differ

Over at the New York Times, in a story entitled, Obama’s Immigration Action Reinvigorates Tea Party, Jeremy Peters describes a shift in the Tea Party’s thinking. If Peters should be right, his observation illustrates how the libertarians and the Tea Party differ: WASHINGTON — In all its fury and unanimity, the response from the right…

Cato & Reason

The number of genuine and exciting libertarian publications is small.  Cato & Reason are the two publishers known to most people. The Cato Institute’s political analysis is among the among the best in America, and a match for any other ideology’s think tanks.  But all of its work is intentionally that of a think tank:…