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After Iowa

In the end, it seems clear that last night was a testament to the fact that even in an era of all-day cable news, constantly updating news on cable television, on the Internet, and via social media, winning elections still comes down to the same on-the-ground efforts that have characterized electoral success for generations. Much like Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum four years ago, Ted Cruz’s campaign approached Iowa the old-fashioned way, by spending the better part of the year building up a campaign organization and an on the ground operation designed specifically to get people to their caucus locations. Cruz also relied upon the traditional Iowa practice of visiting and speaking to voters in small groups as much as possible, although its unclear if he managed to visit all 99 of Iowa’s counties like Santorum did four years ago. His victory last night, by a wider margin than Rick Santorum’s four years ago although not as wide a margin as Mike Huckabee in 2008, is in no small degree testament to the fact that these techniques still work, especially in a state like Iowa, and that a candidate like Cruz, with deep roots in the evangelical an religious conservative community is obviously a natural fit for a state where that group dominates the state Republican Party.

Via Ted Cruz Wins Iowa GOP Caucus, Trump Second, Marco Rubio A Strong Third @ Outside the Beltway.

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