An Emphasis on Crony Capitalism

….The crony capitalism stuff works best if it build on a foundation of policies that that directly address the concerns of middle-class and struggling voters. If being the relatively lower tax party means bigger paychecks for working parents and conservative health care reform means more secure access to health care for working families at lower cost to the government, the public might be more open to hearing about how the Democrats are the party of cronyism. If cuts to crony capitalism complement polices designed to connect the long-term unemployed to the labor market, then the public might see that cuts to the connected might result in better lives for the vulnerable.

It happens that Republican senators like Mike Lee and Marco Rubio have proposed such policies and Carney does refer to them, but I think the emphasis needs to be more on the pro-middle-class policies than the anti-crony capitalist policies.

Via Fighting Crony Capitalism Just Won’t Be Enough – First Thoughts @ First Things.

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