Another blogger in China angers the Party

Police have detained Chinese-American venture capitalist Charles Xue, one of the country’s most popular celebrity bloggers, on suspicion that he visited a prostitute in Beijing, as authorities crack down on bloggers who have posted politically sensitive material online.

Better known by his alias Xue Manzi, the naturalised American citizen regularly reposts reform-minded content and shares his views on issues such as pollution and food safety….

Even the Global Times newspaper, which is part of the same publishing house as the [official party newspaper] People’s Daily, seemed to make a link between a crackdown and Mr Xue’s arrest.

“Cannot rule out the possibility that authorities are arresting Xue Manzi with a prostitute to give him a hard time,” Global Times editor Hu Xijin wrote in a blog posting that later disappeared.

Via Chinese police detain US celebrity blogger suspected of visiting prostitute @ Irish Times.

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