Arrested for Sitting

A recently posted YouTube video showing St. Paul police officers arresting and using a Taser on a man in the city’s skyway last winter is raising questions about the officers’ handling of the incident.

Chris V. Lollie, who filmed his own arrest and then uploaded it onto YouTube Tuesday, said he was waiting for his two children to arrive at preschool the morning of Jan. 31 when a security guard tried to kick him out of a First National Bank lounge in downtown St. Paul.

Guards called police when Lollie refused to leave.

“I was just sitting down,” Lollie said Thursday. “He wanted me to move out of that area because I didn’t look like someone he wanted to sit in that area. … I was completely within my rights to sit there.”

Lollie, 28, is black. At least two of the arresting officers shown in the video are white. A third is not shown in the video.

St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith Thursday defended the officers’ actions, saying in a statement that officers feared Lollie might run or fight them.

Police allege in reports that Lollie was uncooperative, loud and declined to identify himself, prompting them to use a Taser to arrest him.

The police reports on the incident do not indicate that Lollie did anything to alarm the guard aside from refusing to leave.

Lollie said that within two minutes of sitting down, the guard asked him to leave. Lollie said he stayed in the lounge for about 10 minutes before police were called.

Lollie was arrested about 10 a.m. the day of the incident. He posted the video recently, he said, because police confiscated his phone and only returned it to him on July 31.

Via Video of St. Paul police tasing man in skyway raises concerns over arrest @ Star Tribune.

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