Asking what Ron Paul will do in November

Roger Stone, writing at the Stone Zone, wonders what Ron Paul will say about Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor likely to be the Libertarian Party nominee in November.

Stone observes that

Here is Ron Paul’s dilemma. He cannot endorse Mitt Romney without destroying the very essence of what Ron Paul is – a man of principle rather than a politician playing party ball. Such an endorsement would truly demoralize and enrage many of Ron Paul’s supporters and donors.

At the same time, Governor Gary Johnson will be calling for the “continuation of the Ron Paul revolution” in the fall election presumably with a Vice Presidential running mate access to funds and / or celebrity.

Stone’s right on principle, but I think mistaken about Paul’s political flexibility: Paul’s likely to support Romney, occasional grousing notwithstanding.

Gary Johnson will be a reasonable choice for libertarians, but he’s not a choice the GOP congressman from Texas (or his GOP senator son from Kentucky) would ever make.

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