Black cops vanishing in Philadelphia

“In Philadelphia, where 44 percent of the population is black, where the mayor and police commissioner are black and where the NAACP this week is holding its annual convention – the Police Department is curiously fading to white.

Since 2008, the year Mayor Nutter took office and appointed Charles Ramsey to lead the department, 1,229 police officers have been hired as recruits, according to department data provided to the Daily News.

The overwhelming majority of those hires – 788, or 64.1 percent – have been white. Meanwhile, 248 new hires, or 20.2 percent, have been black, and a little more than 15 percent have been Hispanic, Asian or of other races, according to the data.

Based on those numbers, the 6,300-officer department – which is currently 57 percent white, 33 percent black, 8 percent Hispanic and 1 percent Asian – likely will become even whiter in the years to come….

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