Busting Ginseng Diggers: Policing Without Rational (Safety) Priorities

From the Drug War to the Great Ginseng Raid of 2014, policing against substances descends into irrational waste of resources:

What’s worthy of a yearlong investigation involving 15 officers? Tracking down a serial killer? Busting a human trafficking ring? How about arresting ginseng diggers?

State officers in West Virginia proudly posed next to 190 pounds of the seized root, which is coveted in Asia for its purported healing qualities. Cops also came across $30,000 in cash, which was funneled into law enforcement coffers.

Eleven men were arrested for shoveling up out-of-season ginseng. First-time offenders face fines, and repeat offenders could spend up to six months behind bars.

In other West Virginia news, criminals wanted for child porn, sexual assault, and malicious wounding are still at large.

Via Reason.

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