California cops share explicit photos of suspects as ‘game’ among themselves

Suspects arrested have ceased to be citizens with rights, but are treated as mere subjects presenting opportunities:

California Highway Patrol officers have been sharing explicit photos of female suspects for years as part of a “game,” an officer implicated in the scandal told investigators, court records show.

CHP Officer Sean Harrington, 35, of Martinez, acknowledged to Contra Costa County prosecutors that he had forwarded photos from the cell phone of a woman he had arrested in a DUI case, sent them to his own phone and had shared them with at least two other CHP officers, according to a search warrant filed in Superior Court.

Harrington said he had done the same thing to at least six other female arrestees in the past several years, authorities said. After taking arrestees’ photos, officers would share pictures with one another and exchange comments about each woman’s looks, Harrington told district attorney inspectors. Harrington said he first learned of the practice while working for the CHP in Los Angeles, investigators said.

Via Disturbing texts in CHP officers’ nude-photo 'game,’ records show @ SFGate.

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