The argument is simple:

1. Universities have a fiduciary duty to their students to hire competent instructors.
2. So far, most of the madjuncts’ criticisms of our paper have been so feeble or irrelevant that only people who A) lack basic reading comprehension skills, or B) lack basic reasoning skills, or C) are intellectually dishonest could have made them.
3. If someone exhibits A, B, or C, he is unlikely to be  competent instructor.
4. Therefore, universities have a fiduciary duty to their students not to hire these madjuncts.

Via Do Universities Have a Fiduciary Duty to Fire Madjuncts? @ Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

‘Marginalized’ Students Demand Censorship, Big Money 

To recap: members of an organized movement that includes a half dozen activist communities are demanding unlimited funding for their narrow left-wing goals, mandatory re-education of those who disagree with them, and censorship of dissenters. I don’t know if these students can properly be described as “marginalized,” but if they are, everyone who values free expression at U. of A should hope they remain that way.

Via U. of Arizona Marginalized Students Demand Trigger Warnings, Censorship, Half a Million Dollars @ Hit & Run :

We’re Really Worried Now…

Finest education money can buy:

Robert Weide, an assistant sociology professor at the California State University at Los Angeles, doesn’t think much of that school’s chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom. After the group announced it would host a speech by conservative author Ben Shapiro on “When Diversity Becomes a Problem,” Weide posted on the group’s Facebook page, comparing them to white supremacists and saying the event would need police protection. When others began to push back, he challenged them to a wrestling match, but warned “I lift bro.”

Via Brickbat: I Lift, Bro @ Reason Hit & Run.