“Some Christians put their Christian faith ahead of their political ideology. These Christians know the basic teachings of the Christian faith and attempt to follow their conscience, church teachings, and the Bible in their political activities. I call these people “Political Christians” as opposed to “Christian conservatives” or “Christian socialists” because because Christianity is more…”


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Is Catholicism Compatible with the American Experiment?

“In a much-cited 2014 article in the American Conservative, the political philosopher Patrick Deneen argued that the real debate unfolding among American Catholics was not one of “conservative” versus “liberal” Catholics. That discussion, Deneen suggested, is passé. This is partly because (as Cardinal John Henry Newman observed) liberalism in religion is ultimately self-immolating. But it’s also because post-Vatican II “liberal Catholicism” is fast collapsing into plain-old secular liberalism….”

Via Is Catholicism Compatible with the American Experiment? @ Acton Institute.

The Morality of Capitalism

[Father] Sirico, however, told CNBC in an interview that free markets are wrongly conflated with the urge to splurge on goods, or idolizing material wealth. Capitalism, Sirico insisted, is far more than that.

“The economic question with regard to morality is a subset of a broader theological question: Is human freedom compatible with religious beliefs?” said Sirico, the head the Acton Institute, a right-leaning think tank that studies the nexus between religion and liberty.

Sirico expressed broad agreement with the Pope on those left behind, but at the same time said laissez-faire capitalism and entrepreneurship is still the best way to address the challenges of poverty and economic need.

“If you love the poor, it’s not enough to have good intentions,” he said. “You can wish the poor to have bread, but if you don’t build bakeries and factories, the poor don’t get it.”

Via Capitalism is moral, and it works: Catholic priest @ Against Crony Capitalism.

When you’ve lost young Christians…

Here’s how (really one big reason why) the Drug War ends: A recent poll showing that a slim majority of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana made national headlines. And now, the pro-pot movement appears to have taken another step forward, with a survey showing that nearly half of all young Christians in the…