Gun Rights

Odd, Harmless Beliefs Lead to Property Seizure 

Although Ralph Gilbertsen has never been arrested for domestic abuse, is not a felon, and has never been deemed a danger to himself or others, cops in Richfield, Minnesota confiscated his firearms.

The 74-year-old former Marine and security worker has a state-issued carry permit and is now suing in attempt to get police to return the three legally acquired handguns they removed from his home last May.

Gilbertsen believes in Bigfoot, UFOs and receives treatment for a “mild” mental health disorder. Police were alerted to him after people at his apartment complex reported that he frequently brings up government conspiracies and expresses concerns that the CIA is spying on him.

Via Cops Confiscate Man’s Guns For Believing In Bigfoot, UFOs, CIA Conspiracy @ Cop Block.

Using a flawed list

As a result, what the President, Senate Democrats, and others are essentially saying is that a flawed list that was created for purposes that have nothing to do with gun control or national policy toward guns, and which has a process for determining who gets put on the list that the government refuses to reveal should be used to deny people recognized Constitutional rights as if they were equivalent to felons with violent criminal records or others who have demonstrated quite clearly that they should be barred from owning weapons legally.

Via No, We Shouldn’t Use The No-Fly Fly List To Decide Who Can’t Buy A Gun @ Outside the Beltway.