IRIS Audits More Under Dem Control

The comprehensive study of the agency’s activities dating back to 1978 shows that Democratic control leads to more spending on the agency (big surprise, we know).

“Democratic control of the Senate is correlated with an increased IRS budget and workforce. The president’s party has a statistically significant impact on the number of IRS enforcement personnel when both houses of Congress are controlled by Democrats,” the research, published last week in the Journal of Public Policy, said.

The increased hiring leads to an uptick in audits for individual and corporate tax filers.

Via IRS ‘significantly’ more likely to audit taxpayers under Democratic control @ Personal Liberty.

IRS fails again

“On Tuesday, the Internal Revenue Service announced that about 100,000 taxpayers had had their personal data stolen from one of the agency’s systems. As the Washington Examiner’s Sarah Westwood reported Wednesday, this theft comes after years of warnings from the Treasury Department’s inspector general about identity theft, which already costs the agency more than $5…

Victory Against Civil Forfeiture, In Part 

Arlington, Va.—Two months ago, U.S. Attorney Steve West told Lyndon McLellan that any attempt to garner publicity about his civil forfeiture case “doesn’t help. It just ratchets up feelings in the agency. My offer is to return 50% of the money.”

Yesterday, just two weeks after the Institute for Justice took on the case and brought it to the attention of the nation, the IRS and Department of Justice moved to voluntarily dismiss the case and give Lyndon back 100% of his hard-earned money. “I’m relieved to be getting my money back,” said Lyndon McLellan.

“What’s wrong is wrong, and what the government did here is wrong. I just hope that by standing up for what’s right, it means this won’t happen to other people.” Even after he recovers his bank account, Lyndon is still out tens of thousands of dollars, thanks to the government’s actions. Lyndon paid a $3,000 retainer to a private attorney before IJ took the case on pro bono, and he also paid approximately $19,000 for an accountant to audit his business and to provide other services to help convince the government he did nothing wrong.

The government is refusing to pay those expenses. And the government also is refusing to pay interest on the money.

Via The Institute for Justice

Taken: Feds Seize Family Restaurant’s Entire Bank Account

Even the most lawful and innocent conduct may lead to federal seizure of Americans’ assets. Hardly seems like America, does it? For 38 years, Carole Hinders has owned and operated Mrs. Lady’s Mexican Food in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Mrs. Lady’s accepts only cash, which means Carol makes frequent trips to the bank to avoid having…