New York Yankees v. Free Market

Feigning concern that fans would be ripped off, Yankees COO Lonn Trost admitted in an interview with WFAN radio that the real reason for banning print-at-home tickets was to protect the feelings of the high-rollers who overpaid for their premium seats and to keep those customers safe from the presence of less ostentatiously wealthy attendees who may have (gasp!) “never sat in a premium location.”

Via New York Yankees Don’t Understand The Free Market – Hit & Run :

Film: Bounce

BOUNCE – This is not a freestyle movie from Guillaume Blanchet I Filmmaker on Vimeo.

“It could be possible that the Olympic Games will only take place in upcoming, non-democratic countries who simply have the centralized power and money to organize them”

Brazil is also about to discover two immutable rules of major sports events. First, that tourism is never boosted. During the event itself, whether it’s London or Beijing or Johannesburg, visitor levels will plummet: The number of people drawn by the event will be dwarfed by the numbers of regular tourists who stay away because…

Super Bowl Commercials

America saw an exciting Super Bowl last night, uncertain in outcome until the end. While the game wasn’t on, or the lights weren’t on at the Superdome, there were commercials to talk about. The full list of ads is posted at Super Bowl Commercials, and my favorite was the one for Sketchers (they’re really not…

Bike Racer Forgets to Go the Last Lap

Biker Riccardo Russo mistakenly thought his race was over, and that he’d won. He miscalculated by one lap, stopped too soon, and lost everything to those who wisely kept going. The lesson is so obvious, it scarcely needs mentioning. Still, it’s instructive to watch, and be reminded. For more on the story, see Motorbike rider…