Cato & Reason

The number of genuine and exciting libertarian publications is small.  Cato & Reason are the two publishers known to most people.

The Cato Institute’s political analysis is among the among the best in America, and a match for any other ideology’s think tanks.  But all of its work is intentionally that of a think tank: a work product is aimed at academics and well-schooled laypeople. 

Reason, by contrast, aims for a broader audience.  It’s evident, though, that part of Reason’s mission is to convince libertarians that the GOP is, or very soon may be, a welcoming party for defenders of the freedom philosophy.

(I don’t think that Nick Gillespie will tire of trying to convince current libertarians that former libertarians Charles and David Koch are well-meaning and freedom-advancing philanthropists.)

We need something else; we need it soon. 

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