Chetek, WI bans open public comments from council meetings

The elected representatives of Chetek, WI would rather their constituents ask permission to speak openly to those they’ve elected:

Mum is the word in a local community after the mayor removes people’s ability to come into city council meetings and openly speak their minds.

If residents of Chetek have something to say at city council meetings, they now have to get permission to be put on the agenda by the Friday before a Tuesday city council meeting.

The mayor says this new rule was adopted to save time at meetings but some say it’s violating rights.

Wisconsin law does not require that general, open public comments be provided at a meeting, but Mayor Diane Knowlton might have advocated a time-limit per resident, if her goal were (as professed) merely to limit a loquacious resident from wasting time.

That she chose a more extreme approach tells all one needs to know about her views: she’s either incapable of a more moderate solution, or simply doesn’t want comments without pre-approval.

Feel free to drop her a line, and tell her what you think, as she’s not yet developed a way to require her permission before writing: Dianne Knowlton

Via City bans open public comments from council meetings.

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