China: Photo of an umbrella brings jail, three years’ exposure

Even a photo is more than the party can bear:

Wang Li, the wife of the Beijing-based poet Wang Zang, told The Telegraph her husband was taken into custody on October 1 after the 29-year-old expressed his support of the protests by posting a photograph of himself holding an umbrella on the Internet.

The following morning a group of around a dozen agents, including two wearing police uniforms, came to the couples home “demanding to come in for a conversation”.

“They showed me a blank search warrant and rummaged through everything, searching every corner of the house,” she said.

As well as Mr Wangs light blue umbrella, police confiscated a computer, a router and, for reasons that were not immediately clear, a pair of spectacles. The raid left the couples two children, aged 2 and 5,  terrified, Mrs Wang added.

“Judging by the items police took from our home, I figure Wangs arrest is related to the pictures he posted on Twitter supporting the Umbrella Movement,” she said.

Via Noted Chinese Poet Is Going To Jail For Posting A Photo Online Of An Umbrella @ Business Insider.

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