Community Policing in Chicago

[Cmdr. Glenn] Evans, 52, was removed from his commander’s duties at the West Side Harrison police district and assigned to paid desk duty at police headquarters after he was charged last month with allegedly shoving his service weapon down a man’s throat. More recently, a Cook County grand jury has indicted him on two counts of aggravated battery and seven counts of official misconduct, all felonies, in January 2013 incident, according to court records.

At his last court appearance, the 28-year department veteran was allowed to leave the West Side courthouse through a rarely used exit, bypassing a waiting throng of media by the main doorway. But a sheriff’s spokeswoman said a lieutenant who assisted Evans faced disciplinary action for violating department policy.

With that option closed, Evans showed up Thursday with a throng of supporters, who packed the courtroom for the brief hearing. As he left, the supporters — including at least two uniformed Chicago police officers and others who appeared to be plainclothes cops — provided a protective shield for Evans, dressed in a black suit. He remains free on a personal recognizance bond….

Records show Evans racked up 14 complaints from 2001 to 2006 and faced no discipline for any of them. He also was named in excessive-force lawsuits that the city settled for tens of thousands of dollars.

Via Cop indicted on misconduct charges in gun incident @ Chicago Tribune.

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