Cop Arrested for Slam That Paralyzed Indian Grandfather

A police officer in Madison, Ala. was arrested on Thursday on an assault charge for allegedly tackling a 57-year-old Indian grandfather to the ground while questioning him, NBC News reported.

Officer Eric Parker, who originally wasn’t identified by police, reportedly turned himself in on Thursday. He was charged with third-degree assault and may also be fired for the incident based on the recommendation of Madison Police Chief Larry Muncey, according to NBC.

Muncey rebuked Parker for the incident."I found that Officer Eric Parker’s actions did not meet the high standards and expectations of the Madison City Police Department," Muncey told NBC.

The incident, which occurred on Feb. 6, left Sureshbhai Patel partially paralyzed.

Via GRAPHIC VIDEO: Cop Arrested In Violent Slam That Paralyzed Indian Grandfather.

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