Delaware: Suspect Kicked in the Face while on the Ground

Delaware police have released the dashboard camera video of a 2013 incident in which an officer kicked a suspect in the face, knocking him unconscious and breaking his jaw.

A grand jury initially declined to indict the officer, Dover Police Cpl. Thomas Webster, in March 2014, and Webster was allowed to return to full duty that June.

But on Monday, Webster was arrested on felony second-degree assault charges after a second grand jury was convened to review the case. Days later, Dover police released the dashboard camera video after a federal judge ruled that it was no longer confidential.

In the video, Webster can be heard ordering Dickerson to get on the ground.

According to annotations on the video provided by the Dover Police Department, Webster attempted to “take [the] subject to the ground by taking his legs out.”

Dickerson appears to comply with the officer’s commands and moves toward the ground. Webster then kicks Dickerson in the face hard enough that the yellow hat he was wearing flew off of his head.

Via Police release dashcam video of Delaware officer kicking suspect in the face @ WaPo.

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