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Electrical engineer tased at his own housewarming party

Home-ownership used to be part of the American Dream:

Dominique Kenebrew says he was celebrating the purchase of a new home just outside Huntsville when sheriff’s deputies knocked on the door, refused to say why they were there, tried to enter the home and tased Kenebrew in the back when he refused to let them in.

Kenebrew, an electrical engineer, today sued two Madison County deputies and Sheriff Blake Dorning in federal court for illegal search, illegal seizure and excessive force.

The complaint filed today states Deputy Daniel Dejong “shot Kenebrew in the back with his taser, delivering a five-second electrical shock… pulled the taser trigger two more times, delivering two more five-second electrical shocks.”

Kenebrew was arrested, taken to jail and charged with obstructing government operations. He was later acquitted.

The encounter took place on Kenebrew’s front porch on May 18, 2013, as about 25 to 30 guests were inside the home on Somerset Park Drive, just over Chapman Mountain in northeast Huntsville.

The suit says guests included a nurse, two college instructors, a graduate student and a store manager, “all successful individuals, either gainfully employed or completing their education.”

“Kenebrew and his guests were also African-American,” reads the suit.

Via Electrical engineer tased at his housewarming party sues Madison County deputies @ AL.com.

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