Federal government caves, withdraws disciplinary action against flatulent worker

Despite trillions annually, and more lawful authority than any human institution in all history, the U.S. federal government is still too craven to discipline even one malodorous employee:

The Social Security Administration officially reprimanded an employee whom colleagues accused of continuously “passing gas and releasing an unpleasant odor” that created a “hostile work environment.”

After the Smoking Gun posted the reprimand letter online, the agency said it withdrew its disciplinary action against the flatulent worker.

“When senior management became aware of the reprimand it was immediately rescinded,” agency spokeswoman Dorothy J. Clark said….

If ever a case cried out for a swift response, here it was.  This fetid staffer from the Baltimore office of the Social Security Administration has as many as nine ‘episodes’ per day, nauseating colleagues and befouling the air of Maryland’s largest city.

Worse, the worker’s proposed remedies have proved wholly ineffectual — useless against the prodigious stench:

The man told a supervisor in July that he would start turning on a fan after releasing bodily odors in his work space, but the manager explained that such action would only “cause the smell to spread and worsen the air quality in the module,” according to the reprimand letter.

In August, the man said he would purchase Gas X to help deal with his problem, the letter said. But the log shows he continued to release gas regularly for the next several months.

His supervisor concluded that the worker had the ability for, but chose against, control over this problem.

The sad affair may be the strongest case for government downsizing of the last twenty-five or thirty years’ time. No public paycheck should subsidize pollution, and surely not of this scale.

Via Social Security Administration takes back reprimand of flatulent worker.

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