Film: The Man Who Owns 40,000 Video Games

What can one say about video gamer and collector Herr Ghalustians? I think that one can say that he’s having fun, doing something that he likes on his own time, without harming anyone else. He’s Austrian, but not so removed from what we might say is part of the American Dream – to have the means to enjoy peacefully what one likes to do, to have that private, free space for games, books, hobbies, etc.


Andranik Ghalustians is an Austrian gamer with an uncommon obsession. By his own estimate, he owns tens of thousands of video games—including at least 500 arcade boards—and unlike other collectors, he doesn’t believe they should be kept shrink-wrapped and pristine. He wants to play the games he collects. “If you’re on that level [of keeping but not playing the games], you’re something else,” he says. “You’re completely detached from the gaming experience.”

Via The Atlantic.

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