First Do No Harm

How far will a doctor go to help the police? For at least one doctor in Tennessee, outside of both his oath and the U.S. Constitution:

….in Tennessee, a doctor was more than happy to help police obtain crack from an uncooperative suspect’s rectum with the help of muscle relaxers, a paralyzing agent and a breathing tube. The contraband later proved the basis for a federal drug conviction — that is, until a federal appeals court said the drugging and intubation of the man was a blatant constitutional violation and vacated the conviction.

In the 25-page opinion, the majority found that case “shocks the conscience at least as much as the stomach pumping that theSupreme Court long ago held to violate due process.”

Via Doctor sedated, paralyzed and intubated man to remove drugs from his rectum for police @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.

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