Florida Libertarian nets 43% of vote on platform to abolish his office

That’s the stuff:

Joseph Wendt, 2012 candidate for Florida’s Soil and Water Conservation Board, netted the largest Libertarian Party vote total in his state, and one of the largest in the nation, running on a platform to defund and abolish the board he was campaigning to join.

“I am going to be blunt, the board is a waste of your tax dollars,” Wendt wrote on his campaign website. “It has a budget of about a quarter of a million dollars. What do they do with it? They fund a poster contest, and have 2 full-time employees that act like plumbers and doesn’t fix anything. Gee, call me crazy, but I think your tax dollars should and can be better spent. So, I want the County to stop funding the Board.”

He realized that it would take more than that to keep taxpayer funds safe, though, and made the next logical step a centerpiece of his campaign.

Via Florida Libertarian Joseph Wendt netted 43% of vote on platform to abolish his office | Libertarian Party.

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