Friday Catblogging: Online, Are Goats Replacing Cats?

It seems improbable, but at the Washington Post, Caitlin Dewey contends that Online, goats are the new cats. (No kidding!):


Let’s recap the sheer number of goats who have gone viral in recent months. There was Frostie, the sickly Australian snow goat who learned to walk with the help of a wheelchair. Then there was Gary, the GoPro-wearing muse/sidekick of comedian Jimbo Bazoobi, who somehow has nearly 730,000 fans on Facebook. (His schtick, not to oversimplify it, is basically just the goat.) Then there were the many fascinations of /r/goatparkour, a Reddit forum devoted to kids cavorting like deranged freerunners and the alleged “best thing online” — only rivaled, in truth, by “goat remixes,” a phenomenon that must be seen to be believed.

Miss Dewey cites the growing number of goat remixes, in which short clips of goats bleating are interspersed in music mideos, as in the example below:

I’ll place my bet on cats. Cats: the enduring Internet mascots.

Goats? I sense … mere fad.

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