Friday Catblogging: So, how smart is your cat anyway?

Over at Yahoo!, there’s a quiz that you can take to see how smart your cat may be:

But how smart are cats? Sure, they can groom themselves, have a natural inclination to use the litter box and are easily amused, but not too many have a repertoire of tricks or follow commands. Those who have more than one catprobably differentiate their kitties in terms of their smarts (being “the dumb one” doesn’t mean you’re loved any less!), so just like any other animal, we know there is an intelligence hierarchy.

There’s no scientific method to determine how brainy your cat actually is — but we can try to figure it out! devised this clever IQ test, which could indicate you’re housing the feline Einstein. Find out if your cat is about to take over the world . . . or just that comfy sofa cushion.

Your cat will be just as lovable, or just as ornery, regardless of a quiz score, of course.

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