Friday Catblogging: The Cabbit

Among the many mythological creatures of history, alongside unicorns, sea monsters, and abominable snowmen sits the legendary cat-rabbit hybrid, the cabbit.

One can find photographs of the supposed animal across the Internet:

0319958f-1ffc-4f13-a4e1-dc05fb25ea8b Cabbit_2_by_Mecha_fox_cat_rabbit cabbit

Over at Messy Beast, Sarah Hartwell has the definitive guide to cabbits, entitled, Cabbits – A History of the Myth.

Hartwell traces the origin of the cabbit to the 1800s:

Back in the mid-1800s, the superficial similarity between the Manx cat and the rabbit inspired writer Joseph Train of Castle Douglas, Galloway to include the cabbit myth in his book “An Historical and Statistical Account of the Isle of Man” (1845). He stated that Manx cats were truly the product of matings between female cats and buck rabbits. His book included a somewhat grotesque engraving of a Manx cat, distorted to look like a cat-rabbit hybrid. We probably have Joseph Train to blame for the popularity of the cabbit myth which persists in spite of modern science.

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