Friday Catblogging: The Feral Cats of Jerusalem

BBC correspondent Kevin Connolly writes about cats in Jerusalem, and he’s writing about lots and lots of tough cats:

No animals were hurt during the writing of this article.

A couple of bin bags got ripped open and I got a bit of a shock – but otherwise, everyone is OK.

I felt I had to establish that because this is a story about cats – and the cats around my way are probably tougher than the dogs around your way.

I am not talking about the kind of kittens who play with balls of darning wool and eat chicken pieces simmered in tarragon cream.

Our cats are lairy, wary, rangy creatures. Quick on their feet and short on lovability.

They look as though if they rolled up the fur on their front paws to prepare for a fight you would find the muscles below bulging with tattoos of daggers and anchors.

They are among Israel’s two million or so feral cats – most of whom appear to live in the bin shed outside my apartment building….

The whole article is a funny account of life with so many wild cats nearby, cohabiting within a city.

See, @ BBC News – The lairy, wary cats stalking Jerusalem bins.

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