Friday Poll: Cruise from Hell Compensation Package

All America’s been watching the return and disembarkation of the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph, after days without power, in conditions of filth, for about four-thousand passengers and crew.

The line has offered a compensation package for those so distressed these last few days:

As a third tug boat was dispatched to assist in towing Carnival Triumph to port in Mobile, Alabama, Carnival Cruise Lines announced further compensation for passengers affected and the cancellation of 12 additional voyages.

USD$500 per person will be added to the current compensation package that includes a full refund of the cruise along with transportation, expenses and reimbursement of all shipboard purchases during the voyage (excluding casino charges, art and gift shop purchases).

Passengers will also receive a future cruise credit to the amount paid for this voyage.

Is that compensation enough?

I”ll say no: they’d do better to offer far more (ten or twenty times that amount), across the board, to produce a greater goodwill among the general public. They might also offer an especially large package as settlement of any and all claims, but that should be done individually, passenger by passenger, rather than as part of an offer to all passengers.

What do you think?

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