Gary Johnson as a Bleeding Heart Libertarian

Matt Zwolinski writes of Gary Johnson:

He’s also, and more importantly, the only candidate for president on the ballot on all fifty states who

opposes bombing Iran

wants to bring an end to the war on drugs

wants to bring our troops home from Afghanistan now

supports the immediate repeal of the PATRIOT Act and the National Defense Authorization Act

supports marriage equality as a fundamental constitutional right

supports the abolition of the Federal Reserve and legal tender laws, and the establishment of a competitive market in currencies

is serious about fighting crony capitalism…

Johnson’s not yet on every state ballot, but he should be over forty states by now.

Zwolinksi’s also right that the “cases of government injustice that Gary is fighting against are ones that are especially hurtful to the poor and the socially and politically marginalized.”

What’s needed, though, is a message narrowed to a simple position or two. Johnson could exceed the LP’s highest-ever presidential vote share on a ‘Regulate Marijuana Like Wine’ platform. He’d have a strong chance to equal Ed Clark’s percentage (~1%), but he’d give up the respectability of a more comprehensive candidacy.

Even 2% of the vote share, though, would make Johnson’s campaign an LP success (and swing a state or two).

Two issues for two percent: not a bad bargain.

Via Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

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