Gov. McDonnell of Virginia: Crony Capitalist or Old-Time Moocher??

The New Republic describes Bob McDonnell as a crony capitalist, but their own enumeration of his greed puts McDonnell in a more mundane (but wrong nonetheless) category of self-entitled moocher:

McDonnell has not lived up to Democrats’ worst fears as a religious-right zealot. Aside from that brief and disastrous flirtation with the transvaginal ultrasound, he has mostly left social-issue ideology to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee to replace him. But he has also veered from the Republican script as well. Sober, upstanding Bob McDonnell, we now know, has been on a term-long bender. The Washington Post’s ace reporters in Richmond have laid bare a seemingly endless stream of self-dealing in the Governor’s Mansion, most of it revolving around a major donor, a dietary-supplement entrepreneur, who has showered McDonnell’s family with gifts: picking up the $15,000 catering tab at McDonnell’s daughter’s wedding, buying McDonnell a $6,500 Rolex, and giving $70,000 to a corporation owned by McDonnell and his sister and $50,000 to McDonnell’s wife, a former Redskins cheerleader who has helped the donor, Jonnie Williams, Jr., market his controversial new dietary supplement with, among other things, an event at the Governor’s Mansion. Just to make things a little tackier, the governor and his family have allegedly been absconding with food and supplies from the mansion kitchen and improperly spending taxpayer money on all manners of personal goodies, including detox cleanses, energy drinks and trips to pick up his grown children’s dry cleaning.

Via Bob McDonnell Scandal in Virginia: Why Democrats Should Capitalize @ The New Republic.

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