Government employee defies orders

“I don’t see how Hobby Lobby applies here. Sterling was not only a government employee, rather than the private citizen running a public accommodation, but a uniformed member of the armed forces. Government employees have substantially less expressive right in the workplace than is typical in the private sector, simply because our expression might be construed as government policy. Military personnel have more restrictions still because of the need for “good order and discipline.” There’s a long history of case law in support of these principles.

Sterling’s case gets even less complicated given that she was repeatedly ordered by her superiors to take down the verses. If she believed her staff sergeant’s order was illegal, she had every right to appeal it up the chain of command or even write her Congressman. She had no right at all to ignore it, let alone defy it repeatedly and brazenly.”

Via Marine Fighting for Right to Post Bible Verses in Violation of Direct Orders @ Outside the Beltway.

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