Government’s Only Recognized Dateline is a Bottom Line

Government protections come at a price:

Also this past July, the Department of Justice issued a review of their news-media policies. While some protections were provided to “professional” reporters, it’s clear that any journalist who isn’t employed by a major news company would not enjoy the same protections.

As Electronic Frontier Foundation activist Morgan Weiland put it, “The report is part of a broader legislative effort in Washington to simultaneously offer protection for the press while narrowing the scope of who is afforded it.” While the DOJ’s new guidelines may inevitably benefit James Risen, because he is a paid employee of an established news company, the same could not be said of any independent journalist, no matter how long they’ve been reporting or how credible their work is deemed by the public at large.

Via A New Media Shield Law Would Only Shield Corporate Media | VICE United States.

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