Grover Norquist boosts immigration reform

The Daily Caller tries to dismiss anti-tax activist Grover Norquist’s support for immigration liberalization, but to no avail.

On the contrary, it’s consistent and principled that someone who believes people should keep more of their own earnings would also favor a free flow of immigration without government meddling. Immigration is at bottom a free and private decision.

Here’s Norquist, and he’s right on principle and politics::

There are a whole bunch of people who are listening to loud voices, some of whom claim to be Republican … talking about [employers] who didn’t fill out the paperwork, about going after [an immigrant’s] aunt,” said Norquist, whose opposition to tax increases has made him popular among Republicans and a hate-figure among progressives.

Once advocates for tighter immigration are sidelined, the GOP will be able to win votes from Hispanics and other recent immigrants, he said.

“Removing that threat [of deportation] from millions of Americans will make it possible to have a conversation with [immigrants] about tax policy and spending, and all the other issues we have with legal Americans.

One can see easily enough what the GOP-boosting, nativist-coddling Daily Caller really thinks about immigration from the URL of their story on Norquist:

Cute, very cute.

See, Norquist: Immigration is good for the GOP

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