Has America gone mad?

There’s some fuss over Pres. Obama’s observation that California Attorney General Kamala Harris is “by far the best-looking attorney general in the country.”

How is it possible that there’s serious criticism of the president’s remarks?

Here’s a photo of Atty. Gen. Harris:


The only truly controversial opinion Pres. Obama could offer would be to doubt that Harris is the best-looking among all her peers.

Admittedly, she’s not facing much competition from other states’ attorneys general: they’re mostly crabgrass by comparison.

She’s educated and talented, as are others in her role, but it’s simply true to anyone (not judgment-impaired) that she’s attractive.

I’ve no reason to question the president’s view, but there is reason to question the seriousness – by creating a kerfuffle over nothing and by revealing their deficient aesthetic – of those who doubt his opinion.

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