Hope for the working class

Unfettered markets free people — all people — in myriad ways:

If the working class is entitled to anything it’s the freedom to start a business, the freedom to trade, and the freedom to garner a wage without the weight of an overbearing commission, agency, or statute on its shoulders (for example, there is no good reason why an aspiring working class entrepreneur should have to acquire a special license from the state, or face jail or fine, in order to braid hair).

The American journalist H.L. Mencken once noted that, “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself.” Indeed, if I were to add to this I would suggest any man or woman capable of acting for his or herself is equally as dangerous. And what more is a free-market than a man or woman free to think and act on behalf of his or herself?

Via Free markets mean a freer working class | Washington Times Communities.

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