How the party cracks down

(The report entitled “Vietnam: programmed death of freedom of information” is available in PDF format here.)

At a time when free speech and freedom of information are constantly violated in Vietnam, Reporters Without Borders is publishing a report on the Southeast Asian nation that is entitled “Programmed death of freedom of information.”

Released on the eve of a three-day visit to France by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on 24-26 September, the report examines the methods that his government uses to censor the media and harass bloggers and cyber-dissidents.

Reporters Without Borders presented the report’s conclusions at a press conference at its Paris headquarters today.

“Rather than just detailing the many violations targeting bloggers, the report examines the Communist Party’s repressive mechanisms in their entirety and the evidence that they affect all of the country’s citizens, not just 40 or so bloggers,” Reporters Without Borders said.

Via “Programmed death of freedom of information” – how the party cracks down @ Reporters Without Borders.

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