In Philadelphia, you’ll know when officers fire their weapons

“Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, in a memo sent yesterday to the Philadelphia Police Department’s commanding officers (which City Paper has obtained), announced that the department will immediately begin disclosing the names of officers who discharge their firearms in Officer-Involved Shootings “within seventy-two (72) hours of the incident.”

According to the memo, the decision “is in keeping with recommendations” from the Department of Justice’s Collaborative Reform and Presidential Task Force reports.

The Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services began studying the Philadelphia Police Department’s use of deadly force in 2013, at Ramsey’s request, and released the initial report of its findings in March. Among many items, Department of Justice officials found that no police unit investigating Officer-Involved Shootings (there are two, one for fatal, and one for non-fatal shootings) “has specialized training or experience in investigating OISs or any protocols in place for doing so….”

Via Philadelphia Police to begin disclosing names of officers who fire their weapons @ Philadelphia City Paper.

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