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In Wisconsin, Walker’s Economics are Mostly Nixonian

Republicans who somehow – against all evidence – think that Scott Walker is a market-man should think again. There’s yet more evidence that his corporatist Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation isn’t merely rigging the market with public money, but rigging the market with public money while sending jobs overseas:

….27 News reported four more companies – Kohl’s, Serigraph, Polaris and Laserwords – had all outsourced Wisconsin jobs to foreign countries prior to receiving tax credits from the WEDC.

Kohl’s Corporation has received $10.8 million of a possible $62.5 million enterprise zone tax credit originally awarded in July 2012 for a project in Waukesha.  U.S. Department of Labor records show Kohl’s employees in Milwaukee received Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) benefits on two separate occasions.  TAA benefits are only awarded to employees who have lost their jobs because the work was outsourced overseas.  In the case of Kohl’s, some of the Wisconsin jobs were sent to India.

Serigraph, a custom graphics company based in West Bend, has received $832,036 in WEDC tax credits for a January 2013 award.  TAA records indicate Serigraph shipped production jobs from Wisconsin to Mexico in 2011

Polaris, an Osceola manufacturer and dealer of snowmobiles, ATV’s and motorcycles, has received $940,000 in tax credits from a March 2012 award.  TAA records show Polaris shipped production jobs from Wisconsin to Mexico in 2010.

Laserwords, a Madison internet and television sales call-center, has received $47,232 in tax credits and is eligible for up to $375,000 from a December 2013 award.  Earlier that year, former Laserwords employees in Wisconsin received TAA benefits after their jobs were shipped overseas.

WEDC awarded a fifth company that has outsourced Wisconsin jobs, Supervalu of Kenosha, with up to $1.45 million in tax credits in 2013.  But agency records indicate Supervalu has yet to receive any of the credits to this point.

Now that the WEDC has been found out (during an election year and in anticipation of a presidential run), Walker wants restrictions.

Thanks for that, three years too late.

Via UPDATE: Gov. Walker supports blocking WEDC awards for companies @ WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports.

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