Killed for Demanding a Search Warrant

When the police come to someone’s home on a routine investigation, and the homeowner demands a warrant before allowing entry, in what part of the world would the police kick down the resident’s door, and shoot him to death?


The Colorado State Patrol has now settled the case for over a million dollars and institution of new training:

To settle the lawsuit, the State Patrol will pay over $1 million to Jason’s family and will also implement new training modules for all current and future officers to include specific instruction on the warrant requirement of the Fourth Amendment and its limited exceptions. The new training will also emphasize de-escalation tactics and the limits on officers’ permissible use of force. The agreement provides for ACLU lawyers to review the new training curriculum and to attend and monitor training sessions.

“ACLU lawyers were prepared to prove not only that state troopers violated the Constitution when they unjustifiably kicked in Jason Kemp’s front door and shot and killed him, but also that supervisors all the way up the chain of command were responsible for recklessly deficient training that was the ultimate cause of this needless and preventable death,” said Mark Silverstein, ACLU Legal Director.

For more on the settlement, see an ACLU news release.

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