Law bloggers as a gift to reporters and publishers

Veteran blogger and developer, Dave Winer (@davewiner), hit on why bloggers are so important to reporters in a post last week.

“Bloggers are your sources. They are the people who previous generations of reporters had to reach by telephone. These days reporters can skim hundreds of perspectives on the web, prioritized by search engines. The reach of reporters in the age of blogging is far greater that it was in the age of the telephone. Understanding this synergy is key to understanding how news will evolve in the future.”

Any good law blogger will tell you that they’re regularly called by reporters. Mainstream reporters from national and regional newspaper, reporters from trade publications covering niche industries, and reporters from legal publications.

The more focused the niche and the more the influence the law blogger has grown by sharing their passion, insight, and commentary, the more they are contacted.

Via Law bloggers a gift to reporters and publishers @ Real Lawyers Have Blogs.

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