Libertarian could spell trouble for Mourdock

Let’s hope so:

“Every percent I get is something that rankles the powers that be,” Horning said. “You hear their rhetoric; they say I’m stealing votes from this or that candidate.”

A survey conducted this week by Democratic and Republican pollsters for the website Howey Politics Indiana and DePauw University found Horning was favored by 6 percent of 800 respondents.Horning said that regardless of how many votes he attracts, his candidacy “is a threat to the status quo, and I think that’s good.”

Horning is a strict constitutionalist who advocates shrinking the federal government, phasing out Social Security and Medicare, eliminating the federal health care law and replacing income taxes with a national sales tax. He champions a foreign policy of peace and trade and supports dismantling the “military industrial complex” and centralized

Via Libertarian could spell trouble for Mourdock | The Journal Gazette.

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