Lori Compas Declares Recall Candidacy Against Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald

News from the Wisconsin state senate recalls that are running parallel to a gubernatorial recall –

Compas led a recall petition drive against Sen. Fitzgerald, and she’s now declared her candidacy for the13th Sen. District. I’ve no idea how the race will go, but it will be worth following. (I’ve written a bit about Compas & Fitzgerald previously. See, Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald’s 12.19.11 Open Office.)

The always-solid Mary Spicuzza reports on Compas’s declaration at the State Journal, and relates a predictably oafish comment from Sen. Fitzgerald:

Unlike my opponent, I have a proven track record and a real plan to improve our business climate and create jobs

My opponent: Fitzgerald can’t use Compas’s name. That’s too funny. By now, she’s well-known. Fitzgerald’s a meat-and-potatoes man, and his press releases since 2011 have been monotone. He has only one style: hard-hitting, unleavened with any humor, wit, or ironic sensibility.

The story also reports an odd fact, I wouldn’t have guessed, about the candidates’ ages: Spicuzza reports that Compas is forty-one, and Fitzgerald is forty-eight. She looks younger, and he looks older, than their respective ages. I’ve never bothered to check Fitzgerald’s age, but he looks like a man in his late fifties, not his late forties.

Perhaps it’s just his manner, but whatever the reason, the apparent difference makes a generational point.

Also posted on 2.29.12 at FREE WHITEWATER.

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