LP’s Gary Johnson Slams Foreign Policy Presidential Debate

Johnson blasts intervention without end:

“With only two weeks to go before Election Day, it is more clear than ever that the views and concerns of millions of Americans are being shut out of this campaign by the Republicans and the Democrats. Let’s have a debate not about how much longer to remain in Afghanistan, but about why we shouldn’t bring our men and women home now. No one on the debate stage is challenging the fundamental premise of endless foreign intervention. Rather, we have two candidates agreeing with one another about flawed foreign excursions we cannot afford.

“And remarkably, we heard a continuation of the fallacy that we can somehow balance the budget while spending more on defense. It doesn’t add up.

“There is a candidate who will, in fact, challenge the status quo. But the Republicans and Democrats don’t want the American people to hear from that candidate. Doing so would spoil the ‘two-party party.’

Via Johnson Campaign.

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