Massachusetts tackles the medical marijuana question

Question 3 on the November 6th ballot:

As a neuropsychologist and Harvard Medical School neurology instructor, Peter Hayashi had access to the best treatments after he suffered a severe shoulder injury and developed chronic, debilitating nerve pain.

He tried painkillers, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and other pain management techniques, but nothing helped as much as marijuana.

Now Hayashi is a leading supporter of a Massachusetts ballot question that would eliminate state criminal and civil penalties for the medical use of marijuana by people with cancer, hepatitis C, Parkinson’s Disease, AIDS or other conditions determined by a patient’s doctor.

“Medical marijuana gives me a type of pain relief that I have not gotten from any other medication,” said Hayashi, 56, of Newton, who has been disabled for seven years.

“I’m definitely more functional if I use medical marijuana. I’m more likely to get up, make dinner, bake a loaf of bread or help my son with his homework.”

Via Christian Science Monitor.

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