Not so hard, after all

Jennifer Rubin assesses the GOP’s warming to immigration reform:

It is interesting how a seemingly insoluble problem (e.g. weaning the GOP off immigration exclusionism) melts away if the timing, the messenger, the rollout and the substance of a solution are well considered. Just as the “never agree to any tax hike anywhere, anytime” faded with the realization that the GOP couldn’t stick to that without the White House and Senate, so too there is now a pathway for the GOP to rescue itself and address a major issue.

I don’t underestimate the force of the hysterical anti-immigration voices. But those who resent any modification of previous positions, no matter how far circumstances have changed and no matter the consequences, will yelp, certainly. But here is an opportunity to shed their own rhetoric and get out of a political cul-de-sac. Let’s see if they are smart enough to grab the opportunity.

Via Rubio shows opposition to immigration reform is an inch deep.

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