Pamphleteer leaves prison, maintains commitment to free speech

Before blogging, long before, there were pamphleteers. A descendant of that older medium just walked out of a Vietnamese jail:

HANOI, Vietnam — A young Vietnamese dissident released early from prison said Monday she will continue fighting for multiparty democracy in the Communist-ruled Southeast Asian country after the leniency shown by authorities in freeing her.

Nugyen Phoung Uyen, 21, was sentenced to six years for distributing leaflets hostile to the ruling party.

An appeals court earlier this month changed that to a three-year suspended sentence and released her after 10 months in jail. Sympathizers said it was the first time that authorities had freed someone early who had been convicted of national security crimes….

Someone might wish to remind the AP that it’s hardly lenient to reduce only partly an unjust sentence: tyrannical leniency is still tyranny.

Via Freed from prison by Vietnamese court, a young dissident continues to speak out @ Washington Post.

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