Poll: Calling 9-1-1 Over a Spider

A teenager in Oregon noticed a spider in her house, and not knowing what to do about it, she called 9-1-1:


“I’m home alone and there is a giant spider on the back of my couch, and I’m talking giant. I’ve never seen a spider this big and I have no idea what to do,” she told the slightly perplexed dispatcher, according to 911 records.

After she called, the dispatcher agreed to send an officer:

After the dispatcher pondered how to handle the situation, he agreed to have an officer contact her.

“Is that ridiculous?” she asked.

An officer did respond to the scene and estimated the spider was about 2 inches in diameter. Modern police equipment was not necessary to handle the eight-legged perp in this case.

The officer disposed of the spider with an old-fashioned rolled up newspaper, police said.

So, is this a legitimate issue for a 9-1-1 call with a subsequent dispatch to the scene? I’ll say no, but what do you think?

BONUS INFO: Admittedly, I’d feel differently if these were the spiders —

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