Reason for Caution on Supposed ‘Turning Points’

A turning point assumes a turn of course, not a brief rest stop:

….Twenty years later, is the new welfare queen General Motors, General Electric, Boeing, and other big corporations receiving taxpayer funds? Have Claribel Ventura and Linda Taylor been replaced by federally financed flops like Solyndra?….

Republicans have been urged to oppose corporate welfare and cronyism since Reagan budget director David Stockman suggested attacking weak claims, not weak claimants. But as the party of business, GOP politicians have often been reluctant to put their free-market principles into practice when it means allowing the well-heeled or well-connected to fail.

That may be starting to change. House Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling, a Republican from Texas, has jurisdiction over the Ex-Im Bank. He voted against its reauthorization in 2012 and is still pressing to make its survival contingent upon reforms. “I for one remain skeptical that taxpayers ought to be on the hook for this book,” he said in March….

Via A Turning Point on Crony Capitalism? @ The American Conservative.

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